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Status: CLOSED
(Working on waitlist)

Please read and make sure you agree to my ToS before paying the invoice! If you have any questions, please let me know.


-These are starting prices, totals are subject to change depending on character complexity, props, outfits
-Currency: $ USD
-Via paypal invoice
-Additional characters are an added base price but in the case of group pieces, I'll work with you. Just ask



Bust $50
Waist up $60
Full body $80


Bust $60
Waist up $70
Full body $90

Flat color:

Bust $70
Waist up $80
Full body $100

Cell shading:

Bust $85
Wast up $95
Full body $115

Fully rendered:

Bust $100
Waist up $110
Full body $130

None $0 - flat/solid (and/or transparent if requested)
Small $15 - Minimal, such as simple concept or effects, with small details
Medium $50 - Semi-scene, moderate details
Large $100... - Full scene, complex (Can be more or less depending on size so I'll address this with you)

ABOUT the artist

Level 27
always tired

I'm a self taught artist and an aspiring animator. My dream is to create full song-length animations of original works, both from commissions and my own characters. I also want to animate my own anime from my OCs!
I'm now disabled due to Lupus Nephritis (among other chronic conditions), so I'm no longer working full time with a "day job". So now, I've been able to throw my mangled self completely into art! However it is my sole income to support my family. I work from when I get up to when I crash, but I am always slow no matter what I do so please be patient with me.

Thank you for looking at my work and supporting me, I literaly wouldn't have gotten to where I am without the support.


-- Some characters shown belong to me, others are commissioned work

Head - Bust

Waist up

full body